Seven leaves the competitive team of 100 Thieves of Valorant

There will be changes in the alignment of this organization, although at the moment any type of substitute or replacement is in a rumor.

About to start the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 , 100 Thieves Announced that Johann Seven Hernández will no longer be part of the official roster of the professional team of Valorant . The news was confirmed via twitter , where the organization thanked Seven for everything, and it seems that the professional player also agreed with the departure of him.

As we prepare for VCT 2022, we want to announce Seven’s departure from 100 Thieves.


Johann, I’m excited to see your growth in what will surely be a long career as a professional of Valorant. We wish you the best from now on.

Hernández answered this message by thanking 100 Thieves For all the support, but we still do not know if the professional has already received any offer from another team or if he will be taking a break from the competitive scene.

Seven was part of the substitute team, but there were expectations that this year he finally could join the main alignment. Obviously this will not be the case, and very probably it will not be the only change that 100 Thieves Make in the remainder of the year.

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