PS5 sold about one million units in Japan during 2021

Not bad, considering the problems of desabasto.

Even with the pandemic and the shortage of microcomponents, the PlayStation 5 managed to sell 942 thousand 798 units in Japan last year, this according to information collected by Fujitsu. It is not a bad number at all, but if we compare it with the Nintendo Switch, which sold 5.3 million units, then it is short.

Sony PS5 SEEMS to Have Abandoned Japan as Nintendo Switch Sales Dominate...

The constant problems that PlayStation has had at Japan are not a new thing. Maybe hardware sales are not as bad as they normally make it look, but the biggest problem for Sony is the software. Usually, switch games dominate the sale tables of Fujitsu, something that is obviously not ideal.

While the Xbox Series X | s is enjoying better performance compared to their predecessors, it only sold 95 thousand 958 units over 2021, being overcome by the PS5. In fact, the PS4, which was already practically discontinued at this point, had a better performance with 103 thousand 786 units sold in Japan last year.

Editor’s note: Certainly it will be interesting to know the future of PS5 in Japan. Surely you can never compete directly to Nintendo throughout this generation, but maybe with PSVR2 and Final Fantasy XVI, the Japanese company can recover a little terrain.

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