Does not fits Tibia Stick to Ranger`s Arcani

The last update added the necromancer class.

News sent by one of the Game Masters game — Thank you!

Rangers Arcani Trailer
Rangers Arcane is a few-year-old developing project on the Tibia engine, which does not stand in the shadow of the original, just without hesitation a step continues.

The game has many missions and tasks highly focused on RPG, a huge map with an equally large amount of puzzles and secrets, 10 different classes, an advanced crafting system, automatically generated dungeons, a run system and a lot more!

You do not have to worry about long-hour training of your skills, instead of this statistics — strength, condition, knowledge, vigor and condition — will allow you to build your own character according to your own type of game.

The latest big update honored us with a new class — necromancer: from now on you can control up to 6 different kids simultaneously and even resurrect your allies!

Hundreds of objects to get, everyone with their legendary version possible to buy or get from a monster.

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