Mertesacker over Arsenal Goods from our way

Arsenal is currently the team of the hour in the Premier League. That succeeded without the suspended captain Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.

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Under team manager Arlene Winger was Arsenal still a permanent resident in the Champions League, but since the departure of the French in 2018, the Gunners have disappeared from the pinnacle. It is difficult to find successors who bring good ideas and involving both the club employees follow suit, Ex-Gunners player Per Mertesacker told in an interview with the Sueddeutsche Dating. Mike ( Art eta, n. D. Red. ) is different knitted as Arlene is intense and focused. He tried to be as a coach very active to respond to the new generation and clearly show what is required. The present generation needs more regulations, while much more themselves is governed in my time in the dialogue.

Four wins and 14: 1 Goals

Art eta, who played under Winger still, grabbed least through hard, Captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang got to feel. The Gabonese was suspended because he has not complied with the rules. The excitement about it was limited because of the team the answer was on the court in the last four games quite clearly. Four wins, 14: 1 Goals and fourth place in the league.

I think it’s good that this great subject was a bit overshadowed by our sporting success, said Mertesacker. If it is not running, a captain needs to accommodate the team and face the media. I hope that Pierre coped well with this measure because the decision is easy for anyone.

No team is younger than the Gunners

Per Mertesacker Chant
However, the extremely young team seems aufzuspielen freed and hard to miss the 32-year oldie. The average age of the Gunners is 24.6 years — no team in the Premier League is even close to young like that. Liverpool’s players used, for example, have an average age of 28 years.

Has in Arsenal young players in mind: Per Mertesacker. Picture alliance / epics

We are in transition and build a viable team that is supposed to be full of players from their own youth and professionals from abroad, said Mertesacker. In the meantime we had lost our way. We tried to create with costly obligations to connect to the very top faster. We have fallen on the nose.

Aka has checked off the European Championship final

So now it should direct players like Emile Smith Rowe or Bu kayo Aka. Since the U 9 Aka example, plays for London. In the summer he gained more notoriety when he missed the decisive penalty in the European Championship final against Italy for the English. He was then attacked racially. The club has all the fan letters, but collected and hung on a wall to show him how proud of him we are. Some way he must overcome this situation alone, Mertesacker looks back.

The club has all the fan letters collected and hung on a wall to show him how we are proud of him. But to some extent it must alone master this situation.

Per Mertesacker

Aka seems to have done it. At the recent 5: 0 win at Norwich City he scored twice. This season, the 20-year-old already five goals and four assists to his credit has. Thus, Aka has already a Torbeteiligung more than last season at 32 inserts.

How Aubameyang is rehabilitated?

The greatest strength of the club at the moment? The cohesion and Spirit, Art eta let it be known after the victory. Ask for remote captain goes Art eta out of the way. The question, therefore, as Aubameyang to be rehabilitated because again, where it is currently running but so magnificently without him.

While Thomas Tuchel complained just bitterly about dealing the league with the corona able to Arsenal is more likely to have annoyed not to be able to take the flow of the winning streak, because the game against Wolverhampton Wanderers (Tuesday) had to be canceled. However, a proper positioning follows on Saturday against leaders Manchester City — seen as the enforced break may come in handy after all.

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