Granblue Fantasy Versus welcomes Vira and Avatar Belial while lowering prizes

The obsessive Vira and the evil Avatar Belial will join Granblue Fantasy versus this Tuesday, December 14th. At the same time, the basic editing of the fighting game will lower prices and accompany a new edition & quot;

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The obsessive Via and the evil Avatar Belief will join Gran blue Fantasy versus this Tuesday, December 14th. At the same time, the basic editing of the combat game will lower prices and be accompanied by a new legendary edition including all combatants added so far.

As of December 14 (for download) and March 3 (in box), the basic edition of Gran blue Fantasy Versus will correspond to the value edition sold 20 dollars / 2,178 yen. It will attend the new legendary edition which will bring together the additional fighters of seasons 1 and 2, including Via and Avatar Belief. Including cosmetic bonuses and a code to unlock content in the mobile game Gran blue Fantasy, this edition will be sold 50 dollars / 6,578 yen.

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Vira & Avatar Belial | Granblue Fantasy Versus Reactions | No Rollback, Dec 14th release
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Note that Games and Arc System Works do not intend to stop here so much and that a survey has already been posted to ask fans what are the characters that deserve the most to join Gran blue Fantasy Versus. On the side of the free updates, new combat systems are programmed for the 2.80 update, which will be available during the summer 2022.


Granule Fantasy Versus — Via and Avatar Trailer Belief

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