PS5 new color console cover and dual sense announcement

Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SIEK) announced a new color dual sense and PS5 cover (plate). First, a new color dual sense ‘Nova Pink’, ‘Starlight Blue’, Galact Purple released.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment Korea (SEEK) announced a new color dual sense (controller) and PS5 cover (plate). Both we disclose domestic sales in January next year.

First, a new color dual sense was Nova Pink, ‘Starlight Blue’, ‘Gal act Purple’ released two colors. The color of the galaxy is inspired by the color, and the two color dual sense wireless controllers are released on January 14, 85,800, 2022.

The PS5 console cover with a new color dual sensor and a paired PS5 console cover will release five colors such as ‘Midnight Black’, ‘Cosmic Red’, ‘Nova Pink’, ‘Starlight Blue’, and ‘Glacial Purple’. First, ‘Midnight Black’ and ‘Cosmic Red’ are released on January 21, 2022, to 67,800 won. The remaining colors console covers are released later.

The method of using a new console cover is simple. Remove the existing white PS5 console cover and insert the new cover. The new color console cover is available for PS5 and PS5 digital editions with disk drives, and sold separately from the PS5 console and dual sense controller.

Previously, PS5 console covers have also sold separately for a peripheral vendor for a simple measurement reassignment. However, Sony has registered the design patent and has limited the Infringement of Intellectual Property. Representative examples have disputes with US manufacturers ‘Div land’.

Therefore, the rumor has steadily emerged, and the rumor was identified through this presentation.

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Sony announces PS5 Colors!

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