Wow Phase 2 of the Season of the Championship brings global bosses

Shortly, Phase 2 from WoW Classic begins: Season of the Championship! Are you ready for the world bosses kazzak and azuregos?

There is no month ago, the first season of the championship of WoW Classic started. And as the watches tuck something different this time, and we should stand in nine months in Panoramas to challenge Key’thread, Blizzard is already preparing the release of the next content package.

Werner, the world bosses come!

Season of Mastery Phase 2 Release Date Announced!

In fact, there has been a concrete announcement for a few hours. In the official WoW forum Community Manager Kiev wrote that we can expect the new phase at night from December 16 to December 17, 2021 (at midnight to be exact).

However, it has significantly less to offer than at the time in WOW (Buy Now €14.99) Classic. The honor system, the battlefields and daily fraction already belonged to the launch package in November. So what remains? Well, the world bosses Azures and Lord Kazakh and thus also the chance to attempt the important class quests for hunters and priests, for the epic objects ancient in tendons wrapped lamin-lattice and blessing or Bannfluch.

Guides for all world bosses

Although the emerald dragons come first with phase 4, but now the view is already worthwhile in our guide overview of the world bosses from Wow Classic. Because of course, Kazakh and Azures belong to the sextet.

WOW-GUIDE: So you defeat the world bosses in WoW Classic

On Lord Kazakh you can hunt in the devastated land, in the lazing scar in the southwest. Azures, on the other hand, makes the southeast of Asmara unsure. You find the blue dragon east of the lonely ridge.

NOTES: Azures and Lord Kazakh have an unpredictable spawn timer, and it can take one to five days after their death until they appear again.

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