FIFA 22 TOTW 13 The predictions about the new team of the week with mbapp

On Wednesday, the new Totw 13 will be released in FIFA 22. We already tell you which players could be there in the new team of the week.

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Next Wednesday will in FIFA 22 new TOW 13 (Team of the Week). We tell you now which players in the new team of the week could be there.

What is the Team of the Week? Every week is a new EA TOW ago. This team consists of 23 players, the strong this past football weekend performances have brought to the square.

They receive a place in the Team of the Week and improved Inform cards that are available for a week in packs.

What are TOTW-Predictions? The TOTW-predictions, we introduce you to the new forecasts TOW from the FUT community. The performance of the players are exactly considered and created predictions.

But it is important that the predictions are no guarantee for the final Team of the Week. 13

You give but a good overview and can be used to earn a few coins in FUT 22nd

When will the TOW 13? The Team of the Week 13 published on Wednesday, December 15, at 19:00, in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Prediction for Team of the Week 13 in Ultimate Team

The predictions for the next team of the week comes from the FUT page FIFA ultimate team.


TH: De GEA (Manchester United)


LAV: Angelina (RB Leipzig)
IV: Nick (Eintracht Frankfurt)
IV: Mandy (Villarreal)

Midfield player

KM: Jericho (Chelsea)
KM: Telemann (Leicester City)
KM: Barkley (Inter Milan)


LF: Avon (Boca Juniors)
LF: Mbappé (PSG)
ST: Pablo Arabia (Sporting)
ST: Slavic (Florence)

TOW 13 bench:

TH: Track (Star Mailed)
LAV: Room (VFL Bochum)
IV: Madroños (VfB Stuttgart)
DM Delaney (Seville)
DM: Musial (Bayern Munich)
KM: Novas (Alanyaspor)
KM: Gallagher (Crystal Palace)
COM: Rappaport (Sassoon)
ST: Batshuayi (Besides)
ST: Nunez (Benefice)
ST: Open (Finesse)
ST: Adam (RB Salzburg)

The possible Bundesliga players in the TOW 13

These players from the Bundesliga could be doing:

Angelina from RB Leipzig made a strong game at 4: 1 win over Russia Mönchengladbach. The offensive defenders get two templates, for which he could get a place in the new team of the week.

Evan Nick was the retention of Eintracht Frankfurt in the Game against Bayer Leverkusen. He defended extremely strong and manages to score a goal it even. A place in the new TOW therefore seems plausible.
Jamal Musial delivered a decent performance in the Bavaria midfield and shot even 2: 1 winner. It is quite possible, therefore, that the German talent on Wednesday received his first Inform card.

More Bundesliga candidates are:

Room (VFL Bochum)
Madroños (VfB Stuttgart)

What do you think of the predictions for TOW 13? Which player should definitely into the new team of the week? Betray us in the comments!

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