This new command from GameCube has raised more than 1 250 000 euros in less than a week

The successful Kickstarter campaign has presented a customizable controller for Nintendo Switch, GameCube, PC, Wii and WiiU. The Nintendo Gamecube is one of the favorite desktop consoles for many players, in their circuits some of…

Nintendo Game cube is one of the favorite desktop consoles For many players, some of the most beloved games of the company ran and saw birth to titles as important as Metro id Prime. Large figures of the industry as Phil Spencer, have not hesitated to show him his love choosing his favorite video game, but without a doubt, one of his most remembered aspects, was his original command.

Pack #13 -Nintendo Gamecube- [FullSet] (Only Attract Mode 550Gb) [372Gb][470 Games]

The Gamete command had a series of particularities that did it. However, the company panda has decided to reach even further with its own revision of the iconic command.

It has additional buttons and customizable triggers The Panda Controller has been presented at a successful Kickstarter campaign as a customizable control and compatible with Nintendo Switch, Gamete, PC, Wii and Wii. Beyond the classic Nintendo design, the command has numerous improvements such as in-depth customized triggers, removable USB-C cable, removable and customizable carcasses or additional buttons.

The original goal to overcome the campaign was about 88,568 euros, a figure that seems right now compared to the more than 1,250,000 euros that have been collected in less than a week with almost 11,000 patrons. The price of the command is 80 euros and will arrive by December 2022, and there is already a collective funding success when there are still 22 days to finish the campaign.

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