Taiwan Ultimate Problem Ethical stand up century Batroa MMO FINAL HOPE Development started with STEAM

There is no hypocritical moral limitation

KIRIGAMI distributed Patrol MMO FINAL HOPE ( Final Heavenly Spring ) on December 7 by Steam.

This work is MMORPG that causes battle royal to the stage of the end of the end. In this work that can accommodate up to 500 players for each battlefield, it can kill with other players, and killing and crawling players are characteristic of harsh systems that lose their characters.

Players are given various freedom in this world, and become a doctor who lifetime to people, and it can be a murderer to be killed. In addition, this work can perform sexual activity, and it is one of the characteristics, and can be sex and masturbated without limitations such as gender.

Final Hope Final Hope STEAM version is delivered for a price of 3,090 yen, FINAL HOPE STEAM version, which comes to freely kill and sexual activity.

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