BVB sports director ZORC in the face of injury Resulturiously well done

Sports director Michael Zorc is not dissatisfied with the many failures with the course of the season of Borussia Dortmund. I realized for many weeks that we can not celebrate the most beautiful hurray football due to our staff situation

Michael Zorn (birthed 25 August 1962) is a German football executive and also previous gamer who played as a main midfielder.

Nicknamed SCSI in his early days due to his lengthy hair, he spent his entire occupation with Borussia Dortmund, appearing in 572 competitive suits in 17 seasons as well as racking up 159 goals. Subsequently, Zorn went on to work as the club’s sporting supervisor.

Sports director Michael Zorn is not dissatisfied with the many failures with the course of the season of Borussia Dortmund. For many weeks, it was clear that because of our staff situation, we would not be able to celebrate the most beautiful hurray football. We have made it well in the face of which in the league in the league, said Zorn at Sport1 in front of the Bundesliga Sch lager against Bayern Munich on Saturday (18.30 clock).

Criticism of BVB, ZORN therefore wants to be only conditional. What is bad is truncating in the Champions League. There can be no two opinions. That still hurts today, and we are very self-critical, says the 59-year-old.

Generally, however, hardly any more possible after the great injury went shad been possible. Who remembered? Hazard, Guerrero, Aloud, Reyna, Haaland, Can, Paradox, Wolf, Mouton, Morey, in which Hummel’s in Lisbon. Alone Haaland was missing us 40 days a bit, Zorn said, What are you thinking What happens to Bavaria, if there is Lewandowski there for 40 days? How many players should our squad be able to compensate for this variety of injuries on the bank? 35?

On the often expressed criticism, the BVB needed an experienced second striker behind Erlang Haaland replied Zorn: If you have players like Haaland or Lewandowski in the team who want to stand in the square every second, it is not so easy to get the appropriate backup Find.

You have taken completely consciously Yousuf Mouton in the squad of the professionals, which we did not want to put a player right in front of the nose. We did not want to block his development — and what would they have written if we had done it? Now Yousuf has? Unfortunately, bad luck with his health.

BVB Personnel: New rumors for Haaland succession

BVB sports director ZORN about Karim Adam

In direct comparison, the permanent rivals from Munich continue financially the much larger possibilities. Bavaria, even in Corona times, generated sales of 644 million euros, including transfers at 359 million euros. The difference is 285 million euros in a single financial year, said Zorn.

For the future of Haaland Zorn said at the picture : You would need to know that I do not exercise water statements in principle. We are in a good, permanent exchange with Erlang, his father and his adviser. Erlang has a longer-term contract. It is known That he has the opportunity to change in the summer, but I also believe that it is important for assuring the framework conditions.

Allegedly, BVB is also excavating at Karim Adam of RB Salzburg. Zorn said, To say something, is far too early, and he stands, as far as I know, in the long term under contract.Adam is a great German talent. He has a very good profile; brings extreme speed with and a profile that is basically exciting.

BVB coach Marco Rose gets Orcs backing

Of course, what has not liked the sports director at all, the departure from the group stage of the Champions League. We do not want to talk about that, Zorn explained. Our claim is to come to the round of the knockouts regardless of the group draw. We did not do that. In this respect, that was anything but good.

However, if there are doubts about coach Marco Rose, Zorn vehemently refuses: Here at the BVB there is not a percent doubt about working with Marco Rose!

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Opposite Sport1 Zorn became even clearer at the topic of Rose: We at Borussia Dortmund are very satisfied with Marco, who had a difficult starting personally with us. In many games, the hands were bound to him due to the injuries. Accordingly, he could not act and stress Hardly dosing. Media criticism is not our topic. I do not have to deny anything, or comment on what is not addressed internally. We have just started with Marco.

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