Prussian We come out of the situation

After the 0: 1 defeat against the 1st FC Heidenheim, the worries in the Düsseldorf Fortuna are getting bigger. If everything goes wrong, the Rhine countries could fall deep at the weekend in the table. Trainer Christian Preußer still saw N

We are not satisfied with the current situation. We want to win the game today and bring some distance between us and the relegation latitude today, says the Düsseldorf sports board We Klein briefly before the game against Dagenham. 90 minutes later, the Fortuna had lost in spite of playfully considerable performance with 0: 1. Actually harmless Heidenheimer had punished the poor opportunities’ utilization of the hosts in the second minute of the exam time.

(EU4) When a Wild Prussia Appears

We could have gained.

Christian Presser

Fortuna Coach Ruler was equipped accordingly after the final whistle. Actually, you wanted to settle from the table cellar, now the Fortuna is even deeper in the crisis. The leap towards the upper table places would like to create, but you only do it with the result, and not with the way, says Ruler after the game. Of course it must be in balance, and we have to look like we shaped the games. One point would have been deserved today, I think we could have been able to win. But with the result we have to deal with the result.

The relegation ranks back closer

Also, on what the competition is making, you will see this weekend in Düsseldorf. For if everything goes against the forte and AUE, Hanover and Kiel win their games, the goal ratio would separate the Dusseldorf from the relegation rank. Nevertheless, Ruler also saw positives: I see the team and one or the other, who has made a good game despite a longer pause today. The team gives me trust that we come out from the situation.

The next chance is there on the 16th match day, even if the task is anything but simple: it goes to the dimensional SV Darmstadt.

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