Destiny 2 s Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is DLC Limited to One System Per Purchase

Destiny 2, which will certainly gate off access to dungeons in the upcoming Witch Queen growth unless you get the deluxe edition, will also call for a $25 DLC purchase for a lot of the Bungie 30th Anniversary event content.

Destiny 2, which will certainly gate off access to dungeons in the upcoming Witch Queen development unless you acquire the deluxe edition, will certainly likewise gate off access to many of the Bungee 30th Anniversary event content.

The Bungee 30th Anniversary event will certainly not be a typical seasonal event, however a $25 DLC. Completely free, you can play the new 6 player suit made mode Dares of Endless time, but every little thing else in case will cost you money. Free seasonal occasions in Destiny 2 are typically available to gamers who simply have the game. But this set will certainly work like a development pack. The DLC does not count as seasonal web content so when it appears on December 7th when you buy it for a system, even if you have cross-play allowed, you will not be able to play it on any kind of various other platform unless you purchase it once again, Bungee confirmed this week.

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In the DLC, you’ll obtain a new dungeon that is motivated by the Commodore loot caves from Destiny 1 . You’ll have the ability to earn a new Thorn armor set and also hunt for antiques. There will certainly additionally be a pursuit to open the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher and also to utilize it in the new dungeon. There are likewise various other weapons standing for thirty years of Bungee and also obviously, Destiny. There’s a brand-new ornament collection and a 30th wedding anniversary streetwear motivated set.

Yet it looks like if any person was expecting a 30th Anniversary announcement to be a seasonal occasion or a special occasion for gamers to join, that it’s a $25 DLC that you can’t play on other platforms, could make some people think twice. Although this suggests that the event would be much less minimal than seasonal events which end as well as occasionally return, it depends on gamers if they believe that the financial investment deserves it this moment.

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