LOL How long did it take to develop arcane Riot answers and gives bad news about season 2

Read in Millenium: After confirming the continuity of Arcane with a season 2, from Riot Games they have also wanted to moderate the expectations of the fans. The League of Legends series will continue after spending more than six years in Development

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After the premiere of the last block of episodes of Arcane, all looks over the League of Legends series are put on season 2. The continuation of the series has already been officially confirmed by Riot Games and Netflix, which announced that the new chapters were already in production just a few hours after the end was released. However, it will be necessary to be filled with patience: the executive director of the developer has confirmed that will not reach 2022.

The Hidden Details Of Arcane - Act 1
Arcane season 2 will not reach 2022

Animation series usually have a period of production longer than real action. The creation of modeling or scenarios is extraordinarily expensive and more when new areas of the universe of RENATER and characters that have not appeared have not appeared until now. A situation that caused the development of the first season of the series to be prolonged for six years. Making the accounts fast, one for each hour of footage.

At the expense of unforeseen as the health situation that delayed an additional year the launch of the first season of Arcane, the series inspired by the Universe of League of Legends will cut the deadlines on this occasion. Good news that, although it comes without a firm commitment, probably allows us to enjoy the continuation during the next 2023. A year that will also be special for a Riot Games who could also launch his fighting game in that period.

Although it is normal that there is some disappointment taking into account that all Arcane fans have been left with more, at least we know what we can expect. Perhaps along the way we take some surprise with the Universe of League of Legends now that the developer is trying to expand it as many ways as possible with new video games and other audiovisual products. The looks, are even placed in a cinematographic universe of real action.

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