Arcane Netflix series to LOL gets second season revealed more plans

Arcane, the LOL series and giant success on Netflix, will get a second season. Other Riot Games series are also in planning.

For more than six years, the production of Arcane, the series based on League of Legends, lasted. After a released rhythm of three episodes per week, the complete first season is now available on Netflix. So who wants to catch up with the nine episodes full of high gloss animation, can now do that on a beat.

Arcane: Season 2 Announcement

And if you can not get enough of it, you can keep the hype machine warm in his heart: A second season has already been confirmed a day after the relay finding. Would be surprising at the end, would not be…

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When will Season 2 of Arcane? According to the CEO of Riot Games, we will not have to wait for the next episodes for six years, but from a release in 2022 will not be anything. So calculates more with the year 2023. The young Jinx in Arcade of Netflix Source: Netflix

More series of Riot Games

Arcane should not be a single case. In an interview with Business Insider, Shauna Stanley, RIOTS Global President of Entertainment reveals, namely: Arcane should be the starting signal for many stories. We will work with more stories in the style of more stories in the style of Create Arcane. We also probe live action projects and are in contact with writers and show runners.

Why are there no longer series like Arcane?

The LOL series has moved many viewers, especially with their excellent animation. Of course, the question arises, why not all the character tricks, anime & Co are staged as complicated. The answer is available from Adult-Swim Producer Jason DeMarco in a discussion on Twitter: Only for information: The Budget of Arcane exceeds a normal TV animation budget by many million dollars. It is literally one of the most expensive cartoon series at all. I do not take it to you that you compare the series, but Arcane plays financially in another league than the rest of us!

The Lol-Money is spent here with both hands — the result can be seen. Or not? How do you fend the animation of Arcane? Could you delight the story? Are you looking forward to Season 2? Track us in the comments! Of course without spoiler please…

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