FIFA 22 TOTW 10 The predictions on the new team of the week with Man Kant

For FIFA 22, the TOTW 10 is on the program on Wednesday. Here you will learn which players could be there in the new team of the week.

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FOR FIFA 22 is the next Wednesday the TOW 10 (Team of the Week) on the program. At Mango you will learn which players could be in the new team of the week. Good chances have Radio Mane, Toni Kroos and NGold Kane.

This is the Team of the Week: Every Wednesday it is time for the new TOW in FIFA Ultimate Team. In this team, players who have convinced in the past football week with strong performances in real football. These players then receive improved informal special cards that are available in pack for a week.

These are TOTW-predictions : For the TOW predictions, we present you forecasts for the new TOW from the FUT community. The services of the players are considered exactly and predicted.

It is important, however, that the predictions are not a guarantee for the final team of the Week 10.

But they give a good overview and can also be used to earn a few coins in FUT 22.

The forecast to the Team of the Week 10 in Ultimate Team

The predictions to the next team of the week are from the FUT page FifaultMateTeam.


TH: Loris (Tottenham Hotspur)



LV: Wendy (Real Madrid)
IV: ONUCI (Juventus Turin / Piedmont Calico)
IV: Felipe (Atlético Madrid)

Midfield player

KM: Crews (Real Madrid)
DM: Kane (Chelsea FC)
COM: Fakir (Bets Seville)
RM: FAVRE (State Strain)
COM: Berghain (Ajax Amsterdam)

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LF: Mane (Liverpool FC)
RF: Still (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

TOW 10 Replacement Bench:

TH: Hahn (Go Ahead Eagles)
IV: Mings (Aston Villa)
RV: Zuni (Sporting KC)
IV: Jorge Quench (Getafe)
DM: Hangar (PSV Eindhoven)

DM: Rod (Manchester City)
: Ruben Ribeiro (Hatayspor)
LF: Basaltic (Atalanta)
LM: Dennis (Watford)
ST: ADAV (Royale Union SG)
St: Listen (Rotterdam)
St: Slavic (Florence)

Exciting candidates for the TOW 10

These players could be there:

Radio Mane was in the game Liverpool against Arsenal of the Man of the Match and was able to record a goal as well as a template at the 4-0 success. It is well possible that he can get his already second TOW card.

NGold Kane has not yet been a computer card in FUT 22, but that could already change on Wednesday. The Frenchman played strongly at the 3-0 victory against Leicester and could even achieve a goal even.
From the Bundesliga this time is only candidate in the closer selection: Lars Still. He made a strong game against Reuther Fürth and could contribute to the 4-0 victory 3 templates.

What do you think about the predictions for the TOW 10? Which player should necessarily be the new team of the week? Borrows us in the comments!

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