LOL The unexpected collaboration of Arcane X Magic and its new exclusive letters

Read at Millenium: Riot Games has announced a new collaboration with Wizards of the Coast and will take the League of Legends to Magic universe with a series of exclusive letters inspired by Arcane that will be available through the TEM collections

The launch of arcane has marked a great change for Riot Games. The developer, until now nothing open to spread its intellectual property through collaborations with other companies, has decided to expand Runetarra away from the games inspired by League of Legends. We have seen it with the arrival of Jinx to Fortnite or the great crossing of universes carried out with PUBG Mobile. However, we did not expect the latest collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, which will join Magic: The Gathering and the Universe of RENATER.

The new letters and details of Magic X Arcane

Imagine Dragons & JID - Enemy (from the series Arcane League of Legends) | Official Music Video

Although League of Legends fans can surprise you with the new collaboration between Riot Games and Wizards of the Coast because we could consider Legends of Runner s Direct Competition of Magic: The Gathering, it will not be so strange for the game fans of Richard Garfield. Through the initiatives of Secret Lair, the company has already carried out somewhat surprising collaborations in the past. Intellectual properties such as Stranger Things or The Waling Dead have already had their own letters in the past.

In this collaboration with Arcane a collection will be launched that will change the designs of the (available in all formats) and some letters that best adapted to the arcane theme (with restrictions on Format). All of them, with clear references to the series.

The collection will be launched as part of Secret Lair on the official website November 29 at a price of $29.99 (without brightness) and $39.99 (with brightness). As usually occurs in the collections of Secret Lair, availability will be limited over time, and we can only make ourselves with new letters until December 23, disappearing from that moment without confirmed date.

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