New Animal Crossing The New Horizons update adds tons of error corrections patch notes were published

Only one week after the launch of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0.1, the Nintendo Switch game is back with another new

Only one week after the launch of animal crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0.1, the Nintendo Switch game is back with another new update! Like the previous software version, 2.0.2 focuses only on errors related to the base game, as well as in the recently launched Hagar happy paradise DLC. Players should be happy to know that this new update has resolved a series of errors in the game, including problems with Knappn boat trips, problems with the scanning of several album cards and more. Complete patch notes directly from Nintendo official website can be found below:

Watch. 2.0.2 (Published on November 18, 2021)

Problems solved

The following problems have been solved.

During one of Knappns boat routes, Brewster could overlap with the player and prevent the player from moving.
The Knappn song could stop reproducing and prevent the game from continuing.
Selecting «How does this work?» The option when starting a group stretch session during a multiplayer session could prevent the game from continuing.
Orvilles poster would be available through Nook Shopping after inviting Wilbur to Photonic.
The Wilbur poster would be available through Nook Shopping after inviting Orville to Photonic.
Place certain furniture on the dock could prevent the player from talking to Knappn.
The deformation function of the pipe element would stop working after the player discussed the purchase of furniture to a resident inside the residents house.
Music for group stretching sometimes would not be reproduced if an audio device near the square was playing music.
The activity of NOOK MILES + «VISIT THE ROOST FOR COFFEE BREAK» could appear several times on the same day.

Resolved problems related to DLC

The following problems related to the DLC of payment ANIMAL CROSSING: New Horizons — Happy Home Paradise have been fixed.

The software was closed when the player tried to take Leif to the school and the location of the furniture at school complied with certain requirements.
Use amino several times to change the members used in an installation could make the software close.
The software could be closed when the player uses amino repeatedly in a finished holiday home to add or remove guests.
The button and may stop removing guests when the player uses amino repeatedly to add a guest and then delete to the guest using the Y button.
While working, a photo of the design portfolio could continue to show himself at the top left of the screen after talking with a client at the North Beach.
The bells would be spent in addition to Loki when the player ordered a gift for another resident through War dell.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: SECRET FURNITURE SET Revealed (2.0 Update)
The message card on the refund of miles for the professional decoration license could be sent several times.
The roommates would not appear in a tracking scene if the situation of their shared holiday home ended while they were in the courtyard of their holiday home.

With this update, it is clear that Nintendo maintains its commitment to keep animal crossing: New Horizons running as smoothly as possible! It is difficult to say how common any of these problems could be, but if these corrections mean that players can continue to enjoy their time with the title, then they are worth continuous updates.

ANIMAL CROSSING: NEW HORIZONS is now available, exclusively in Nintendo Switch. Readers can check all our previous game coverage right here.

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