Arminia Bielefeld Brunner wants to get all in the boat

He is looking forward to the success of the Swiss national team, hopes for the upswing with Arminia and uses his psychology studies to strengthen themselves mentally: Right Defense Cedric Brunner is one of the service providers in Bielefeld.

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On Saturday he wants to congratulate his Swiss compatriots at the VFL Wolfsburg, Kevin Baby and Renato Steffen, to the World Cup qualifier. You could not necessarily assume that Italy weakens, says Cedric Brunner. Somehow it always fits for our country when it comes to the tickets for the big tournaments. Surely I will congratulate the two if there is the opportunity. Hopefully with something countable in the hand, then it falls even easier.

For Bielefeld, the 27-year-old hopes a success against the wolves to further air in the spreadsheet. Wolfsburg has not shot over many goals yet. If we keep the zero for a long time, something is in it. This should, like last at the 1-0 victory in Stuttgart, succeeded as a right-back in a stable four-chain. Brunner about the preference of his team for this defense: You see it and also sounds it, if you re exchanging yourself with each other: many feel more comfortable in this formation. She works, we are heading in it — see previous year.

Quality question at bad days

Although Armenia is on the penultimate place, it is not so bad this season s feeling so badly, the Swiss finds. Often we were perfect, just got gent laces at impossible times or did not meet himself. That was different last year. Since we often played worse, but had more competition happiness. And not so much integration problems as current. We have gotten many boys. Bundesliga is another rhythm, other pace. We could not completely implement the automatism, as we wish.

This should be ready soon. We need to get more experienced all with the boat, it does not work differently. And we always have to have a good day, the quality is not enough, we do not know that in Bielefeld.

Brunner has the tendon under control

Fred kocht! Züricher Geschnetzeltes für Cedric Brunner

The Bielefeld Klubtraße acquired recently very much to coach Frank Kramer, when he got into criticism. We do not have to influence that, says Brunner. We have to make sure that nobody can accuse us, we do not always have everything. This mentality has strengthened Frank Kramer once again last year, he has talked a lot and pushed us. Now we have to fight over the existing fight, use and constant steam Beyond also tactical and playfully workplace better. That did not always work out.

Brunner himself recently put an inflammation of the Perseus tendon at the foot. I ve dragged that since the first country break and played two games with pain. Then against Dortmund nothing left, I had to get out. Now I have it under control. The tendon at the foot was already ignited in the summer. A couple Days break and therapy, everything good so far.

Armenia without pressure

As a remote student of psychology, the right-back uses its knowledge of its own mental strengthening. It helps to keep in mind that it is not all bad, and you consciously have to preserve the belief in your own strengths. We have some in the team who have already experienced real top points in the career and have come across. He had his own drastic experience right at the beginning of his professional career when he had the FC Zurich descent, so Brunner. That was comparable in Switzerland with the Schalke crash this year. It has taken me scary, but also brought me a lot for myself in retrospect. It followed the clue victory of the recruitment with the FCC.

Armenia s trumps in the relegation battle may be exactly these experiences to know, it goes much worse. And there are clubs below in the table in which the pressure and uncertainty is greater than for us, as in the past year: we did not have to, and we could and were allowed. That was a big advantage.

New contract? So far I have not heard of Armenia yet

Increasingly in the foreground device at Brunner the question of the own future, the contract in Bielefeld runs 2022. So far I have not heard of Armenia yet. I could imagine that you are completely satisfied with me and soon report. My goal is to play in one of the five top leagues. Because completely dreamed is the dream to play even for the sweep NATO. That would be nice, but it does not have a top priority. The competition straight on my position is great. Also, questionable whether the leap in Bielefeld can succeed. Maybe if I deliver more goals or templates here. I thought after the climb to put more focus. But, according to the realization: Bundesliga to play alone is not enough, because in terms of selection nothing has changed for me. Probably it will be difficult if I look at the national team. I still have more than 20 games opportunity to show that There is no passing to me…

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