LOL Two details of Arcane that connect the series with the next season of League of Legends

Read in Millenium: Although in Arcane there are endless winks to League of Legends, some of the references that the series has made to the changes that will come in the next patches.

Easter Egg (English for Easter egg) is a name for a surprise peculiarity in media as well as computer programs. For instance, forms are the SCREEN software application or secret level of a video game.

As part of the universe of League of Legends, Arcane is full of references and Easter Eggs that connect the series with the video game. It is a process in which good insurance has reversed efforts from Riot Games with the aim that players are represented. However, the last chapters have taken one step further in terms of the intensity of this union, presenting two particularly interesting elements that still do not exist in the title and that they will arrive along the next patches that will introduce season 12.

two arcane winks to the future of League of Legends

This time we will not enter the plot beyond two very precise moments. The first of them shown in the first moments of the fourth chapter that initiates the second block of episodes of the series, which shows the Portals Hex tech. A tool that in the world of Arcane allows to travel quickly and that will have its counterpart on the video game with an elementary crack that will appear when the dragon hex tech elk like the predominant, fulfilling an identical function and connecting different points of the crack of the invoked.

Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix
The other great moment that reminded us of a change that will take place on the next 11.23 patch is related to the visual Rework to Caitlyn. The champion gains weight in this second section of the series and, although she starts with a clothing very similar to that she still dresses in League of Legends, she soon changes clothes. A situation that was seen taking into account what we know about her aspect inspired by Arcane, but in this case also seems to refer to the visual update that she is about to receive.

Probably the process in this case has been inverse. Far from being the series that has adapted to League of Legends, the developers would be the ones who wanted to satisfy the needs of the game by paying tribute to an arcane that has become the great reference of Riot Games for much of the public. Probably with the hope that who give the series jump to the game also have some known elements to which to cling.

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