LOL All Easter Eggs of Arcane Act II Netflix series on League of Legends

Read in Millenium: We have already seen the new episodes of Arcane and we bring you all the references and Easter eggs that are in them. If you see any more, we read you in the comments.

The second act of arcane is already among us, and it is evident that it is time to look for all the references and Easter eggs that Riot Games has left for us in the animated series of League of Legends. Although this is no longer a festival of EASTER EGG as the first act in these first episodes, to the point that we are sure that we have stayed a few to discover. If you find any that we have not put, write it in the comments, and we will add it.

Easter eggs of Act II

Nautilus, are you?

In the exposure of the day of progress we see some children playing with various devices. It seems that all of them are focused on the sea, since we see the upper part of a scuba and in the background a poster with a being with tentacles that we are looking a little at nautilus.

Glove of VI and Viktor arm

League of Legends lovers will have been realized instantly that the tools that HEIMERDINGER are not others that VIKTOR robotic arm in the game. A sure we will see them in the future of the series.

RECORD is the protagonist of the concerts

As we can see on the scene in which all the members of the council enjoying music in the theater, the violinist touches a precious piece in front of an Arezzo set in northern lands. Undoubtedly, this speaks to us about Record and some episode of tribal wars, or even from the confrontation of him with half-faith as Olivier… Judging by the thunder of the end.

CAITLYN is a cupcake

In the first text of Easter Eggs, we already talked about her the first reference of her was Caitlyn, and specifically that of her w-trap for hurdles. Now we see how that joke goes ahead with the mote that I saw him, Cupcake. Of course, in Spanish you will read, and you will see cake.

The Hidden Details Of Arcane - Act 1

Teems reappears

Judging by the first appearance of Teems in an arcade machine, and now drawn in a book for children, it is evident that he is a character very loved by the little ones in Plover. We do not know if he in the future he will make an appearance, but he jumps out that everyone knows him.

Who is the one who helps VI and Caitlyn?

Surely you have stayed out of play after seeing as one of these corrupted characters, throw a cable to VI and Caitlyn after the wound of the first. And the truth is that it is necessary to return to the first chapter of Arcane, to realize that he is the scientist who enable help in the last drop to be paid.

Singed is already here

If in the first act we knew that this scientist who helped Silo was Singed because of a naughty subtitle, now it is confirmed. At the end of the sixth chapter, Viktor goes to the lair, and we already see a Singed as we know League of Legends : with that rag covering his mouth.

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