Dark Lugia returns to Pok mon Go Date and how to capture it

Limitedly, Pokémon G go players can capture dark Lugia thanks to the Festival of Lights. The Team Go Rocket returns with Giovanni.

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Dark Lucia is back in Pokémon Go. The Shadow version of Photo s legendary Pokémon returns for limited time from the hand of Team Go Rocket, which also returns to the load after long wait. But the hiatus of the team led by Giovanni comes to an end and, radar you can imagine, this creature of a psychic and flying type will be the final companion of the leader of this Villeins team. We tell you How to capture it.

How to capture dark Lucia in Pokémon Go (November 2021)

The first thing to say is that this event in which your return is covered coincides with the Festival of Lights. The Team Go Rocket will return to Pokémon Go this Tuesday, November 9 at 12:00 (local time). From that moment, the Cliff, Sierra and Carlo leaders will be using again dark Pokémon, while Giovanni will do the same with his fearsome dark Lucia.

  1. To capture dark Lucia, it will be necessary, first, get a super radar rocket (we got it by defeating the three leaders of Team Go Rocket in phradares 15 and 16 of a misinterpreted mischief, of the seradaron of mischief). We explain it here below.
  2. To create the Super Radar Rocket it is necessary that we have before manufactured a Rocket Radar with 6 mysterious components of the recruits.
  3. Now, look for Giovanni with the Super Radar Rocket equipped and challenge it.
  4. If you defeat Giovanni will have a guaranteed meeting with dark Lucia.

New missions of a misinterpreted mischief (seradaron of mischief)

Phradare 15 of 16:

Defeat 5 recruits from Team Go Rocket: A ROCKET RADAR.
Defeat 3 Leaders of Team Go Rocket: 1 Super Radar Rocket.
Defeat Giovanni: 1 lucky egg.

Rewards: Meeting with all, 40 mega energy Outdoor; 2 Berry Gold Frame.

Giovanni RETURNS With Shadow Lugia In Pokémon GO! | A Looming Shadow Returns Event Breakdown (2021)

Phradare 16 of 16:

Claim your reward: 2000 PX.
Claim your reward: 2000 PX.
Claim your reward: 2000 PX.

Rewards: Meeting with Duskier, 20 Caramels Hoop, 1-star piece.

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