1 FC Cologne Steffen Baumgart von Union

The Köpenicker guys demanded loudly their Baumi and Steffen Baumgart came.

The Köpenick guys demanded loudly their Baum and Steffen Rampart came.

Union Berlin beim 1. FC Köln - Behind The Scenes | Bundesliga | 1. FC Union Berlin

After 2: 2 (1: 2) between his employer 1. FC Cologne and his years of favorite club 1. FC Union Berlin ran the FC coach on the grandstand to a narrow dozen Union fans and talked passionately with them.

Baum, we are proud of you. Sorry, but today our heart beats red / white — iron !!!, these had on a poster with a photo of tree garden professional time and a current image. And the trouble over the missed victory shortly before the end you will not be able to accept anywhere else as here. Against their Baum, who is at Union since his time as a professional club member, plays in the traditional team and lives in Stadium nearby in Köpenick.

Modest sat 1. FC Cologne in top form

The fact that the Cologne was not lost in the first game under Rampart against the Keepers for the first time in the fifth Bundesliga duel, was an Anthony Modest.

Once again. The Frenchman headed — in Uwe-Seeler-Manier, as Union Berlins chief Jörg Jakob s noticed — four minutes before the end the compensation after he had already achieved the 1-0 (7.).

When he stirred the cult shield cap and put them on, he acted a small ruffle of the coach. But only because he would rather want to cheer on victory instead of cheering.

Modest himself did not want to talk about the game. He left his two children in the square and enjoyed the next special moment with them. The last six FC mandatory game scores all achieved the Frenchman: three double packs in the youngest four games.

Union Berlin puts a break

Meanwhile, Union coach Urs Fischer went in spite of the most missed jump in four after the gates of Julian Ryerson (9th) and Geisha Propel (45. + 1) gracious with his players. He made them a great compliment. Because it was a great performance, a great mentality, said the Swiss: It was the seventh game in three weeks, we really are not used to.

Now the Iron harnesses can breathe in the international pause. The guys get free for a few days, Fischer promised: They should enjoy the time with the family, come to other thoughts. Before with eight games in four weeks, the next unfamiliar Mammal block is waiting for the Berliner.

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