Tomorrow Arcane starts 3 00 or the League of Legends from NetFlix

Are you watching?

Arcane is the first serial Netflix, whose premiere shared transmission will take place only on Twitch. When exactly? November 7 at 3:00 CET.

You have probably heard about Arcane itself — it was hard to hear, since Riot Games and Netflix organize such a marketing campaign. Crossover with various games, Riot Games debut on Epic Games Store, bus driving, inter alia, with Yankee in Poland (spreading below), as well as a mass of other attractions.

The creators of League of Legends confirmed, for example, that they established official cooperation with Rihanna, and it concerns its cosmetic Sent Beauty brand. How would it look like? It is not known, but the brand is to bring beauty and diversification to the world of Runeterra, so everything you can expect.

Returning, however, to Arcane himself, the global premiere of the first TV series Riot will be held globally on Netflix on Sunday November 7 at 3:00 CET. We will only receive three episodes within the first act. The second act will appear November 13, while the third — November 20. Each of the three acts is 3 episodes, so they will be in total 9.

Arcane: Final Trailer
Players who will include Global Arcane Prime Minister on Twitch and, I will have a chance to receive Twitch Drops containing exclusive items to be picked up from the level of different Riot Games.

For premiere watching, I invite you here or later on Netflix. The series, after all, not hare — will not escape! Are you planning Arcane at all?

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