Pedestrians with mobile smombie

Pedestrians, the world forgetting only the smartphone in view, live dangerous. Nursing have not been feared.

Ever heard of a smombie? This word has never emerged the German language for angleizisms for a particularly endangered genre human. Commanded are pedestrians, the zombieich s aiming through traffic, which focuses highly concentrated on the smartphone and stay almost untouched by what they play around.

Always On, Always distracted

To guess that this can be dangerous, it does not need much imagination. Apart from collisions with other passers-by, risks arise, especially if the intelligent Smombie crosses the lane. Whether you are a telephone, listen by social media scroll, text or music – The attention of the pedestrian is not on the traffic, the automotive club motor protection (KS).

Studies such as the Alliance survey Safe on foot: mobility and safety of pedestrians from 2019 actually establish a connection between distraction and accident risk. Accordingly, the latter rises in the listening of music around four times, the text around twice. However, quantified data is not available so that the distraction is not exactly to quantifier as a cause of accidents with pedestrians.

Youth surfs

Little surprise can be the result of a DEKRA traffic observation, according to which younger people as pedestrians use the smartphone: 22.5 percent of the 26- to 35-year-olds are only 10.9 percent of the 46- to 60-year-olds.

In contrast to motorists or cyclists, scrolling or texting passers-by, by the way, do not encourage fines nor Flensburg points.

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