Minecraft Dream makes streamers big is disgusted and disappointed of him

At Minecraft, Streamer Dream distances itself from the streamer Jikishi, which he has previously supported. Grooming allegations came up.

Streaming [STɹIːMɪŋ] (from the transitive English verb to stream, streaming continuously ), streaming, streaming, transit reading, continuous diffusion or continuous diffusion, refers to a principle used primarily for sending content In Direct (or slight deferred) of an optionally audio and / or video flow.
Very used on the Internet and mobile telephony networks, streaming allows reading an audio or video stream (case of video on demand) as it is broadcast. It thus opposes the broadcast by downloading files that requires recovering all the data of a song or a video excerpt before you can listen to it or watch it.
The audio stream and the video stream are distinguished from broadcasting and broadcasting by their technical characteristics: Stricto sensu, continuous reading remains a download because there is a raw data exchange between a client and a server, but the storage is temporary and does not appear directly as a file on the recipient s hard disk. The data is downloaded continuously in the RAM, are analyzed on the fly by the computer or smartphone and quickly transferred to a screen or media player (for display), and replaced by new data. Streaming audio or video streams are usually provided by platforms that offer several movies, series or music songs.

The community of the game Minecraft is discussing serious allegations against the streamer Jikishi said to have maintained sexual relations with minors. We speak of grooming. The Minecraft YouTuber legend has thrown the streamer from its server and said he was disgusted by the allegations. Dream had discovered the small streamers in advance and then supported.

This is the situation:

Dream is an extremely popular YouTuber Minecraft. The speed runner who never shows his face has almost 27 million subscribers and their videos regularly reach between 10 and 60 million people.
Several months ago, legend has discovered the relatively small streamer Jikishi and decided to promote it. He invited him to his private Minecraft server, resulting in a Popularitäts thrust of Jikishi. He was suddenly relevant.
But now appeared on allegations from the past of Jikishi.

The just shaken the community Minecraft: On October 25, several people on social media reported that reported that they had made as a minor sexual experience with the Streamer Jikishi.

The reports have parallels: It was apparently the first contacts when the people were very young. They met in Minecraft, talked daily and it builds up a relationship of trust on. The people say Jikishi was their friend or even best friend. They talked every day. but the friendly relationship tipped quickly into the sexual.

A Twitter Licensees says: The Streamer was then 18/19, 14/15 she was as sexually explicit photos were exchanged. Some time later, the streamer was then a meeting in a hotel arrange (via twitter).

Another Twitter Licensees said she was 14 and he was 19. They had helped him in his videos that he had ever asked for nude photos and videos. You have finished the sexual relationship with him, but he wanted to Friends with sexual favors remain (via twitter).

Grooming the deliberate manipulation of minors with the intent to prepare sexual acts, is one of the topics in our conversation with Dr. Cyberkriminologen Iur. Thomas Gabriel Rüdiger:

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Dream discovered small streamers and helps him to become great – Is now disappointed

What does this have to do with Dream? The extremely popular YouTuber Dream was responsible in recent weeks for a career boost from Jikishi, which was a small streamer long.

Dream had hit the streamer in Minecraft, perceived it as entertaining and it then on his Minecraft SMP invited (via youtube). This led to a Popularitäts thrust of the streamer.

Like the side Dexerto reported legend has now but sharply distanced himself from Jikishi. He has thrown him off his private Minecraft server, SMP and said: The have privately admitted that the allegations are correct. When something there is no tolerance. Legend said he was disgusted and incredibly disappointed.

Next Dream says: The people would have to stick together, be for the people there who need support, and always try to be safe online.

He would still not stop trying to bring people from his community and small streamer upwards.

How reacts Jikishi? The social media channels Jikishi not comment on this incident. On Twitter the posts break from the moment arose when the allegations. The Twitch account is deleted on the YouTube channel are no more videos.

The last stream of Jikishi to twitch before his channel was deleted, had an average of 7,200 spectators – that s 114 times as much as his audience cut in the last 365 days.

Dream has, because he is so popular in Minecraft an exception position. For smaller YouTuber working with him then represents a breakthrough and can be life-changing:

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