Guardian in Destiny 2 afraid that the safes for Witch Queen are too small

Guardian in Destiny 2 feared a lack of space in the vaults. We show you why Bungie should change something at the latest in Witch Queen.

Indestiny 2 would be guarded guardless without your vault. Through this item bank, you can keep your weapons and armaments collections and change as will be charged. Therefore, guardians fear now that they could go out the place in Witch Queen.

Which problem could be due? Since we are looking forward to the new major extension The Witch Queen at the beginning of next year, fear guards about a lack of safe seats. Many are aware that the disappearance of the Content Vaults a larger range of weapons and armor are collectable.

Despite the relatively large safe with 500 seats, many players have already come to their border. This reduces gloomy times in safe management.

Witch Queen could worsen the problem of the Platzmangel

In the current season of the lost, a new weapons and armor element was added – the Stasisement. Since Bungie has weakened by sandbox changes builds like charged with light and war spirits, you would like to value the new mods of the elementary sources.

Unfortunately, this has a negative effect on the safe. Many guardians want to be prepared for each situation. That is, in the worst case, each element must be represented at each exo. This ensures flexibility in combat, but for marginal safes.

Witch Queen could aggravate it: The expected extension could bring the barrel to overflow. In Witch Queen there will be a new weapon genre, the so-called Glefe. And in addition, the hotly longed weapons forge will also be released.

Many guardians should already remark here that the safe, who is already marginally, will finally come to its limits.

This is a dilemma at the highest degree. Is it forced now to delete his God Rolls to make room for new shooters? Or are one rather stick to the old items and renounces the new weapons? Both do not optimal options.

What does the community say? The topic about the safes flames again and again. Lastly, this went under when the content vault was still active.

Osiris Savathun Witch Queen Animated Cinematic Destiny 2

Since almost all armor are playable, watch keepers in the future and find that problems could come to problems. They are afraid that their safe could not be enough, as many objects take place:

[…] At some point I had 6 single-eyed masks in the safe because I could not find out which rolls would work best. And that s just one example, there are so many double exotic armor to make me too many worries to clear them, and no time to try them. […]

mentioned blackpepperjc via reddit

Finally we are in a loot shooter. Why should you have to worry about what jewels you should disassemble and which do not?

Bungie has expressed itself? Joe Blackburn, the Game Director of Destiny 2, mentioned in an interview that it was not so easy to create further places in the vault. Much is networked together. It could be that it comes to massive problems.

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So possibly strong items could disappear for which you have barely linked. Whether there is a solution to the problems, can not be refrained at present. By the beginning of next year at the beginning of next year, it will show whether the safes will range or burst from all seams.

What do you think about the safe? Do you also need more space and would even buy for silver places? Let s know in the comments if you have noticed something of the lack of space.

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