A VTUBER arrives at the Playboy of Japan

Say goodbye to Maribel Guard s poster. A VTUBER has reached the Playboy pages in Japan. The anime continues to dominate the world.

Japan (Japanese 日本, pronounced as Nihon or Nippon;) is a 6852 islands of extensive East Asian state in the Pacific, which indirectly borders in the north and northwest of Russia, in the west of North and South Korea and in the southwest of Taiwan and China and area of ​​the fourth largest Island state in the world. De facto capital and the largest urban settlement is the Tokyo procured as a political unity in World War II; De Jure exists a capital area from eight prefectures including Tokyo.
The formation of the Japanese state began in the 5th century under cultural influence of the Chinese Empire. Since the 16th century Japan has been in contact with the West and rose to great power since the 19th century, Colonies such as Korea and Taiwan acquired, took part in both world wars and mastered large parts of Southeast and East Asia for a short time. The Japanese Empire was an aligned after the monarchical principle until 1947, partly on Prussian role model, constitutional monarchy with the Japanese emperor as a head of state. His aggressive expansion policy in the Republic of China in advance and during the Second World War (Pacific War) eventually led to the defeat on the side of the axis powers in August 1945. In the Douglas MacArthurs occupied Japanese State since 1947, the sovereign is the people, the highest institution of state power Parliament, whose chambers of whose chambers have chosen both directly from the people. The Emperor was not abolished, but the Emperor as a symbol of the state on ceremonial tasks is reduced without independent authority in state affairs. Except Japan there is no state worldwide, whose head of state is an emperor.
Japan is counted to the poets populated countries of Asia and is at approximately 126 million inhabitants in eleven peoples of the most populous countries of the earth. Most inhabitants are followers of Shintoism and Buddhism.
As a historically first industrialation of Asia, Japan today has a very highly developed economy and many years was the world s second largest economic power behind the United States, with which it has been allied militarily since 1952. As a member of the group of seven, Japan is one of the largest industrial nations of the earth and part of the OECD. United Nations s development program counts Japan to the countries with very high human development. Japanology is involved in exploration and teaching of language and culture of Japan in historical development.

Over the past few years, the term of vtuber has become more and more popular, especially in Japan. Unlike traditional YouTubers, these are virtual characters with an anime style. Although there is still a real person behind the camera, the focus is on these animated beings, which usually have their own history. Now, this market has advanced towards a direction that not many believed, since a VTuber has been part of the Playboy magazine in Japan.

Momosuzu Nene making cute noises on rhythm games

Unlike the Magazine of the West, in Japan there is a weekly edition of Playboy. In this way, in the publication of last week, Momosuzu Nene, VTuber of the fifth generation of Hololive, appeared on the list of The next generation of beautiful women. It is important to mention that this place was assigned to the character of Momosuzu Nene, not the real person behind the camera. This is what Playboy mentioned about it:

She is a girl who came from another world to pursue her dream of her. She likes to sing, dance and draw. She trains hard every day to earn the hearts of more people.

【???? お知ら せ ????】
本 日 10月 4 日 (月) 発売 の 「週刊 プレイボ ー イ」 の
特集 で 組ま れ て いる 「次 世代 美 少女 55 + 1」 に,
弊社 所 属 vtuber 「 桃鈴ね ね」 が ラ ラ クイ し まし た ✨ ✨

こ こ 機会 に ぜひ ご 購読 ください ください ????! ️ ホロライブ

  • ホロライブ プロダクショ プロダクショ 【公式】 (@hololivetv) October 4, 2021

Nishizawa 5mm was in charge of creating the illustration of Momosuzu Nene, and the one that was used in Playboy. The list The next generation of beautiful women includes artists and influencers of Japan. Without a doubt, something that not many expected when opening his magazine.

Speaking of anime, this is the reason why the Super Saiyajin have golden hair. Similarly, new tennis of Dragon Ball has been announced.

Editor s note

More than causing a cultural shock, this demonstrates how important VTuber has become for Japanese. Hololive is an organization that is not only responsible for handling the image of these characters, but treated them as Idols, and not simply an anime. Although in America this concept is not yet as common, there are already several communities. Perhaps in a few years the Posters of Maribel Guard will be replaced by those of Kizuna Ai.

Via: Anime News Network.

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