Mega Buddy Challenge event in Pok mon Go All MEGA effects

A new Mega-Evolved Buddy challenge is here in Pokémon Go, and it s the last one that concludes a trio of events after the release of Mega-Evolution. The

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A new Mega-Evolved Buddy challenge is here in Pokémon Go, and it s the last one that concludes a trio of events after the release of Mega-Evolution. The Mega-Evolved function came out at the end of August with a mixed welcome regarding the changes made to the game, such as the addition of a speed reward to the raids and the amount of energy needed for Mega-Evolve a Pokémon. Niantic quickly jumped on it and took into account the advance version comments to change the current features. Although it s still a bit bumpy, Mega-Evolution seems to behave among the members of the community, with more than Pokémon Mega-Evolved out in the future.

In addition to a new series of tasks and timed search rewards for the Mega Buddy event, there are more appearances, more brilliant Pokémon and field search tasks that coaches can seize to earn more from Mega Energy. Here s all we know.

The Mega Buddy event takes place from September 22 to 8:00 until September 28 at 22:00 in your local time zone.

All Pokémon Spawns increased

These are all the Pokémon that you can expect to see randomly appear in nature much more frequently than usual. All will also have more chances to get a big size.


new brilliant Pokémon

Duduo and Dodrio will have their brilliant versions available in the game, and you can find them in nature. Although they are incredibly rare to locate, we hope that the increase in appearances will greatly facilitate the addition of these new Pokémon to your collection.

timed search

A new timed search will be available throughout the event. You can find these tasks in your view today. You want to make sure all supplement them to access the next programmed Halloween search that will be released during Halloween Week. The search will open you the opportunity to evolve your Gengar in Mega Gengar for the first time.

Field search

The field search tasks are quests that you can receive gyms and Poké Stops in your area. These exclusive field research tasks at the event reward you with Mega Beedrill, Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur energy that you can use for mega-making your respective Pokémon evolve.

We will update this section when we discover what tasks it is.

Mega-evolved effects

Throughout the event, the Mega-evolutions now last three times longer. You can now use your Pokémon Mega-Evolved for 12 hours instead of only four hours. Make sure of the mega-move at the beginning of the day to use them whenever you want to make a raid or train yourself to fight a friend.

The Mega Buddy event ends September 28 at 22:00 in your time zone.

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