Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Everything We Understand

Truth is a funny thing.

Destiny 2 s next expansion, Year 5 s The Witch Queen, will center around Savathun and the occasions adhering to Season of the Lost. The structure of Savathun s tale was developed throughout Destiny 1 s The Taken King DLC in the Books of Sorrow lore that came from her sibling, Oryx. With Savathun having finally gotten here in the video game, The Witch Queen will certainly more fully explore what Bungie has been developing toward for years. Normally, Fate has one significant growth each year, but this year it s different since Covid-19 issues pushed the release date to February 22, 2022. Like every significant development, Bungie will apply brand-new features and modifications in Fate 2. Below s every little thing you require to understand about The Witch Queen DLC.


Bungie s alluring sneak peek of Savathun left every person amazed because that small glimpse revealed her effective character style. Her puzzling remark concerning truth and a laid-back walk right into a sea of skeletal systems drifting on the water made fans curious concerning Savathun s intentions.

What s New?

The reveal trailer during Bungie s The Witch Queen showcase answered some inquiries from the intro while producing numerous more. We now understand that the forthcoming development will happen in Savathun s throne globe called High Coven, an unusual and lush wilderness unfamiliar to Guardians.

Ikora seems to be accountable of leading Guardians right into the High Coven with the information she s gathered on her evidence board. It s reported that Ikora is on Mars as a result of the deep crimson terrain around her as well as due to the Fate 1 Mars map on her board. The large shock in the trailer was that Savathun has the Light– Hive Ghosts flood the High Coven to revitalize the Hive skeletons as Guardians, which are our brand-new opponents.

The Witch Queen Campaign

The Witch Queen campaign will certainly be a string of tale missions like common, yet Bungie is executing a Fabulous problem for Guardians seeking a difficulty. Game director Joe Blackburn informed Witch that gamers will certainly handle a kind of detective function as they uncover details about Hive Guardians and unravel Savathun s hoax in the throne world. Also in the display, Bungie mentioned that the trouble will scale based on the amount of people get on the fireteam in the Famous setting.

New Enemies

Guardian will have to face the most significant danger called the Lucent Brood, which is primarily an army of Hive Guardians. They are Hive resurrected by Savathun s Ghosts as fellow warriors of the Light. They ll be given Arc, Solar, and also Void capabilities and also can even be reanimated by their Ghosts after dying. Nonetheless, Guardians need to completely kill the Hive Guardian by destroying their Ghost.

Seeing the resemblances between Guardians as well as Hive Guardians, eliminating their Ghost seems spooky, yet it must be done. Blackburn informed Polygon that players will certainly really feel the pressure to beat the opponent s Ghost to stop resurrection. The gameplay trailer provided an example of a Guardian killing a Hive Ghost by crushing it with their hand, as opposed to making use of a tool. Furthermore, the Scorn will be a threat to Guardians in Savathun s High Coven.

Tool Crafting

Another brand-new addition to the Fate globe is tool crafting. In order to get a brand-new tool, you ll need to craft it. Crafting is all about improving fight and personalizing weapons to fit your playstyle as well as requirements. Additionally, tool crafting involves a brand-new development system where gamers can finish objectives with their tool to update it.

Added weapons from Savathun s High Coven can be crafted. This includes weapons from the upcoming raid and also period. It is believed that tool crafting will certainly occur in the Pyramid ship we ve seen in the throne world, which would certainly help build a deeper tale connection with the Pyramid antique.

The Glaive

A new first-person melee tool called the glaive is concerning The Witch Queen. It resembles a spear that s similar to the Fallen Wretches. You can utilize it as a melee tool, fire projectiles from it, or utilize it as a guard.

Light Subclass Rework

Light subclasses will certainly obtain the very same variety of personalization as Stasis as well as it begins off with Void 3.0 when The Witch Queen launches. Year 5 of Destiny 2 will certainly introduce Arc as well as Solar changes in later periods. Like Stasis, the Nightstalker, Guard, as well as Voidwalker will have Space Aspects as well as Pieces as well.

New Raid, Dungeons, And Six-Player Activity

The Witch Queen will certainly feature a brand-new raid that will certainly occur inside the sunken Pyramid in the High Coven. There will also be a matchmade six-player task in her throne globe and two brand-new dungeons in Year 5. A classic raid and also some recovered PvP maps from Destiny 1 are being included in the game as well.

Destiny Content Vault

When Beyond Light introduced, content from the Red Battle entered the Fate Web content Safe to include the Year 4 expansion. Destiny 2: Forsaken will be cost-free to play on December 7, 2021. The Forsaken campaign will certainly leave Fate 2 and go into the DCV when The Witch Queen launches. The Last Wish raid and also the Ruined Throne dungeon will certainly remain in the video game as well as Year 4 tasks like Battlegrounds and the Confirmation Grounds strike.

Launch Day

Destiny 2 The Witch Queen is set for launch on February 22, 2022, for PC, Stadia, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X|S.

Preorder Editions

Preorders are now offered for The Witch Queen growth as well as they feature 3 in-game items: Throne World Exotic Ghost covering, The Enigma unique emote, and also an Epic symbol. The typical version is $40. The Deluxe version sets you back $80 and also it comes with periods 16-19, 2 Year 5 dungeons, and the Throne World Exotic Sparrow. The Deluxe edition 30th Wedding anniversary Package comes with the Bungie 30th Wedding anniversary event which begins on December 7, 2021. The Enthusiast s version includes the Deluxe edition bundle as well as an in-depth Hive Ghost replica, a lore brochure, as well as a lot more for $250.

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