Microsoft is not ready for a long time Spencer does not exclude buying new studios

According to Xbox Chef Phil Spencer, Microsoft wants to acquire further developer studios if the moment results.

Xbox Game Studios, created in 1994 Under the name Microsoft Game Studios (also known as Microsoft Games and Microsoft Studios), is a company owned by Microsoft that develops and publishes video games for Microsoft Windows stamped platforms or Xbox, Xbox consoles 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Microsoft wants to continue buying developers studios. In the Tech Live des Wall Street Journals, Xbox Chef Phil Spencer announced that they are still not done for a long time . You want to purchase studios in the future. He continues and says that there is no fixed schedule for this.

We are not finished for a long time. There is no quota or schedule in which I have to acquire new studios within a period of time, but if we find a studio that suits us well … why not! , Spencer expressed himself according to Tom Warren.

The Xbox boss did not give any indications that concrete studios he has in mind. According to rumors, Microsoft could be interested in a Japanese Gamestudio. The last major purchase of Microsoft was the Studio Zenimax / Bethesda, which moved to Microsoft s 7.5 billion US dollars. In addition to Bethesda, Microsoft also has taken the Mojang, known for Minecraft. Overall, Tech-Giant now has 24 developer studios spread over the entire world.

Which game developers belong to Microsoft?

343 Industries
Compulsion Games
Double Fine Productions
Inxile entertainment
Mojang Studios
Ninja Theory
Obsidian Entertainment

The Coalition
The initiative
Turn 10 studios
Undead labs
World s Edge
Xbox Game Studios Publishing
Alpha Dog Games
Arcane studios
Bethesda Game Studios

Xbox Game Studios | World Tour
Bethesda Softworks
ID software
Roundhouse Studios
Tango Gameworks
Zenimax Online Studios

But the competition does not sleep. Just this year Sony bought four new studios. On the shopping list, Bluepoint, Firesprite, Nixxes and Housemarque were.

While Microsoft plays front cards at the Developer s Front, you will be covered with the Xbox GamePass subscriptions. Rumors about the possible achievement of 30 million subscribers does not confirm Spencer. He remains at the original number of 18 million from January. You may keep the number back until the release of the quarterly figures on October 26.

However, Microsoft is not only known as games developers, but also as an inventor of the Windows operating system. On the 5th of October with Windows 11, the latest generation has come to the market. As you come to the new version and whether she s a bit good we tested for you in detail.

Sources: WSJ, Gamespot

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