Amazon 4K TV Xiaomi Smart TV P1 from 2021 now at the best price Display

The new 4K TV Xiaomi Smart TV P1 gets you at Amazon and Alternate just at the cheapest price in the special offer.

At Amazon you get the new 4K TV Xiaomi Smart TV P1 in size 43 inches straight for 363.99 euros. According to comparison platforms, this is the cheapest price for the model published in July 2021. Theoretically, you will get it even cheaper at Alternate with 349 euros, but here are also 14.99 euros shipping costs, so that you ultimately pay as much as amazed as Amazon.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 for 363,99 € (RRP: 499 €) at Amazon

Amazon does not currently specify how long the deal still applies. However, the offer at Alternate ends on Wednesday, unless it is sold out earlier. If Amazon is only with Alternate, the deal should then no longer be available there.

What does the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 offers?

Image: The Xiaomi Smart TV P1 from 2021 is the successor of the popular Xiaomi Smart TV 4S. It is a 4K TV that offers Android 10 and accordingly has very good app support. In the picture quality, as usual in the price range, you have to live with a few restrictions, for example in the peak brightness. In contrast to versions of 55 inches or more, the 43-inch variant also has a lower contrast IPS display, but also with a lower viewing angle dependency.

Xiaomi Mi Smart TV P1 for 363,99 € (RRP: 499 €) at Amazon

Gaming: As a gaming TV, the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 is mediocre. According to independent measurements, the INPUT was 25 to 30 ms. Although this is satisfactory for gaming, but other current TVs of, for example, Samsung, LG or Sony react significantly faster. Correct HDMI 2.1 you do not get in this price range, as well as cheap 4K TVs offer only 60 Hz displays. After all, the Xiaomi Smart TV P1 has allm, switches automatically when using a console in the lowest latency mode.

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