Nintendo Switch Lite All non compatible games with the console

The Nintendo Switch Lite only supports games in handheld mode because it can not be docked to the TV.

With the Nintendo SwitchLite there is a variant that can not be connected to a television. Per se, the new device so only supports games that are playable in handheld mode.

Do not panic: Most switch games are supported by the switch-Lite. But there is a small list of titles that you can not gamble on the handheld it.

Last updated October 14, 2021: New games added that you do not with your SwitchLite in Handheld mode play can.

These games can be played not in Handheld mode

1-2 Switch
Family Trainer
Fitness Boxing 1

Gaming On The One Netbook One Mix 4 - Handheld Mode

Fitness Boxing 2
Jump Rope Challenge
Just Dance (all replicas)
Knockout Home Fitness
Labo (all sets)
Ring Fit Adventure
Super Mario Party
Zumba: Burn it Up

Practical: Should want to buy the Nintendo eShop games her that no device Lite is compatible with, you will receive the warning.

But you can these games in tabletop mode play

This is however subject to a surcharge: The above listed games can you optional gamble still in tabletop mode. Because the SwitchLite but lacks a kickstand, you must purchase separately a special SwitchLite stand.

Furthermore, additional via wireless connection Joy-Con to be connected. And you have to purchase separately including charger also. So if you have yet no additional controller, then you have deep into their pockets to be able to gamble only by one of the above games.

To play in tabletop mode, you need a summary following hardware:

Nintendo SwitchLite stand
Separate Joy con couple
Charging possibilities for Joy-con: About a charging station

You have interest in the other models? In the large Nintendo comparison you find the right bracket for your needs:

60 2

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Have you ever had a game to play on the Lite, but it does not could you, since you were missing wireless Joy-Con?

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