The Witcher 3 Other cosplayer shares her great Ciri

The Reddit User Astelvert divided her cosplay to the popular figure Ciri on the social media platform.

The cosplay community is as active as ever. Especially to popular titles such as The Last of Us or The Witcher 3, a lot of new cosplays are divided daily from some very talented persons. Today we have a cosplay to Ciri from The Witcher 3 for you, an extremely popular figure in the cosplay scene.

This new cosplay comes from the Reddit user as Stelvert and how most Ciri Cosplays looks really pretty. The shared image does not use any interesting backgrounds, as many other cosplays the popular figure, but the outfit stands out the more. Ciris armor and other equipment look at high quality quality and overlap 1: 1 with the appearance of Ciris from the game. An eye for detail is pretty important for every cosplay and Aselvert has done ordinary work here.

Among other things, the user s Astelverte s repertoire also includes the figure of the Ashe from Oververt and the popular Batgirl. To judge their posts on the Social Media Platform Reddit, the user only started sharing their cosplays a few months ago and all of their cosplays have a pretty good quality. Some people just have a talent for such things.

If you feel like more Cosplays to Ciri, then look at the work of Christina Volkova, which has so far diverse in the outfit of the figure. But the cosplay community to less well-known titles delivers pretty good work, such as this cosplay to Giovanna from Guilty Gear: Strive proves.

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