New World Here you will find thorns and for that you need you

The thorns are used in New World for a special quest and for the production of soaks. We reveal where they exist.

The thorns branches are innew World useful for a quest, but also for the production of soaks. We betrayed by Meinmmo, where you best come to thorns.

What do you need thorns for thorns? Most of you are first attentive by the quest a prickly affair on the thorns. For this quest, you should collect the thorns together with other materials and bring to Matthis Cormack in Windkreis.

However, you can also be used to make potions that you can take to you or use for city quests. So you can produce a weak manature. While only brings little mana, it is offered in the trading post by the city quests for good money.

Where do you get thorns? They are available at thorn bushes in New World. The in turn grow on waters such as rivers or lakes.

One of the best places to get thorns are the area Windkreis. There you will find several plants around the Fast Travel Puntk for the main quest, as our map shows:

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With which level can you break off thorns? Thorns include neither the trees nor to the plants. So you do not need a special level to reduce them, unlike the river cress, which can also be done well in the area.

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However, the thorns so do not make progress on one of the life skills and are also not led to typical cards such as the New World Resource Map. That makes you harder to find.

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