Freiburg II coach trunk demands Maximum Energy

On Saturday (14 o clock, live! At Max Rosenfelder), the SC Freiburg II arrives at 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Trust made the Breisgauer mainly from their defensive strength.

We look forward to the game with an opponent with such a great tradition and in a stadium, which brings extremely a lot of history, says Freiburg-II coach Thomas tribe on the club website before playing the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. Although the respect for the red devils is quite large in view of the small winning series in front of the country break (3/0/0) ( Kaiserslautern is very stable and physically very strong in the defensive ), but want to hide the climber in the Palatinate no way.

Why too? The Bundesliga reserve of the SCF ranks behind the FCC in the 3rd league and only one counter from the descent ranks. But courage makes the S├╝dbadenern but above all the defensive strength. Five times in eleven games remained the trunk team and the festival trained quill Kiliann Sildillia, Sandrino Braun-Schumacher and Max Rosenfelder without conceding. So it does not surprise that the coach wants to tackle the game on the Bevenberg with a broad breast , but he also demands: We have to throw everything back into the scales and provide maximum energy.

Some actors on country tour

In the past country break, in which the team has denied a test match against FC Wil from Switzerland (0: 1), several actors of Freiburg U 23 were in use for various national teams. While Daniels Ontuzans had been nominated for Lithuania s A-Eleven, and Julius Tauriainen (eight) traveled to Finnish U 21, were with Kenneth Schmidt and Emilio Kehrer (U 20) as well as Robert Wagner and Max Rosenfelder (U 19) Four actors in DFB maids. Schmidt, Wagner and Sweeper even posted goals in the selection teams. There were many positive experiences for the boys. That s why it would be nice if you take this energy into the next game, hopes trunk.

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