Scientific Wordle of July 5: TRACKS AND SOLUTION TO THE WORD

We are on July 5 and that means being able to face a new Wordle challenge both in its normal version and in the rest of similar games. In the next guide we are going to show you all the advice, clues and the solution to guess today’s word of scientific .

Scientific Wordle today July 5

Today’s word, day July 5 , corresponds to Challenge #114 and is composed of a total of seven letters . In the case of the scientific wordle you have to get a word that is related to science, but it is not necessary for the first to write be scientific.

Therefore, you can put the word you want just to get letters or to guess the placement of each 1. If it comes out green, you have been successful with the place where the letter in question is located, while the yellow color indicates that the place is incorrect, but if it comes out gray it is that this particular letter does not exist.

T-clues for today’s scientific wordle

Starting from this base, These are the clues for today’s scientific wordle, July 5:

  • It is formed by four vowels.
  • It is formed by three consonants.
  • None of the letters is repeated
  • Between the letters there is an I and an A.
  • Start by B.
  • It serves to extract a small piece of living fabric.

Solution for today’s word scientific

In the event that you do not take it out, the word of the scientific wordle of July 5 is as follows:

* Biopsy

And then you have its meaning :

Extraction of a small piece of living tissue of an organ or other part of the body for microscopic study in order to establish a diagnosis.

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F1 22: All routes in the overview

For friends of digital racing, the new Formula 1 season begins with F1 22. In this guide you can find out:

  • What routes are available in F1 22
  • What new courses have been added
  • What routes have been removed

In our setup guide to F1 22, we will tell you the best car settings for all routes.

these routes are no longer available in F1 22

A total of two routes were removed compared to the predecessor F1 2021. ** The Grand Prix of Portugal (Algarve International Circuit) and the Grand Prize of China (Shanghai International Circuit) are flown out. It is not yet known whether you can find your way into the current F1 22 through DLCs or updates.

Since Miami has so far only been introduced to a new Grand Prix in the current simulation branch, the total number of courses drops to 22 . For this, Australia (Melbourne), Spain (Barcelona) and Abu Dhabi (Yas Island) were given an adapted layout.

All routes in F1 22 in the overview

Azerbaijan-Baku City Circuit

Land: Azerbaijan
Location: Baku
route name: Baku City Circuit
difficulty: Very difficult
Curves: 20
Route length: 6.003 km / 3.730 miles
Round record: 1: 43.009
Round record holder: C. Leclerc (2019)

Australia-Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit

Land: Australia
Location: Melbourne
route name: Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit
difficulty: Very easy
Curves: 14
Route length: 5.278 km / 3.279 miles
Round record: N.Z.
Round record holder: N.Z.

Bahrain-Bahrain International Circuit

Land: Bahrain
Location: AS-Sachir
route name: Bahrain International Circuit
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 15
Route length: 5.412 km / 3.362 miles
Round record: 1: 31.447
Round record holder: P. de la Rosa (2005)

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Belgium-Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Land: Belgium
Location: Spa-Francorchamps
route name: Circuit de spa-francorchamps
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 19
Route length: 7.004 km / 4.352 miles
Round record: 1: 46.286
Round record holder: V. Bottas (2018)

Brazil-Autódromo José Carlos Pace

Land: Brazil
Location: Sao Paulo
route name: Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 15
Route length: 4.309 km / 2.677 miles
Round record: 1: 10.540
** Round record holder:
** V. Bottas (2018)

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France-Circuit Paul Ricard

Land: France
Location: Le Castellet
route name: Circuit Paul Ricard
difficulty: Middle
Curves: 15
Route length: 5.842 km / 3.630 miles
Round record: 1: 32.740
Round record holder: S. Vettel (2019)

Great Britain-Silverstone Circuit

Land: Great Britain
Location: Silverstone
route name: Silverstone Circuit
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 18
Route length: 5.891 km / 3.660 miles
Round record: 1: 27.097
Round record holder: M. Verstappen (2020)

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Land: Italy
Location: Monza
route name: Autodromo Nazionale Monza
difficulty: Very easy
Curves: 11
Route length: 5.793 km / 3.599 miles
Round record: 1: 21.046
Round record holder: R. Barrichello (2004)


Land: Italy
Location: Imola
route name: Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari

difficulty: | Middle
Curves: | 19
Route length: | 4.909 km / 3.050 miles
Round record: | 1: 15.484
Round record holder: | L. Hamilton (2020)

Japan-Suzuka International Racing Course

Land: Japan
Location: Suzuka
route name: Suzuka International Racing Course
difficulty: Middle
Curves: 18
Route length: 5.807 km / 3.608 miles
Round record: 1: 30.983
Round record holder: L. Hamilton (2019)

Canada-Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve

Land: Canada
Location: Montreal
route name: Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 14
Route length: 4.361 km / 2.710 miles
Round record: 1: 13.078
** Round record holder:
** V. Bottas (2019)

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Mexico-Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Land: Mexico
Location: Mexico City
route name: Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 17
Route length: 4.304 km / 2.674 miles
Round record: 1: 17,774
Round record holder: V. Bottas (2021)

Monaco-Circuit de Monaco

Land: Monaco
Location: Monte Carlo
route name: Circuit de Monaco
difficulty: Very difficult
Curves: 19
Route length: 3.337 km / 2.074 miles
Round record: 1: 12.909
Round record holder: L. Hamilton (2021)

Netherlands-Circuit Zandvoort

Land: Netherlands
Location: Zandvoort
route name: Circuit Zandvoort
difficulty: Middle
Curves: 14
Route length: 4.259 km / 2.646 miles
Round record: 1: 11.097
Round record holder: L. Hamilton (2021)


Land: Austria
Location: Spielberg
route name: Spielberg
difficulty: Very easy
Curves: 10
Route length: 4.318 km / 2.683 miles
Round record: 1: 05.619
Round record holder: C. Sainz (2020)

Saudi Arabia-Jeddah Street Circuit

Land: Saudi Arabia
Location: Jeddah
route name: Jeddah Street Circuit
difficulty: Difficult
Curves: 27
Route length: 6.174 km / 3.836 miles
Round record: 1: 30.734
Round record holder: L. Hamilton (2021)

Singapore-Marina Bay Street Circuit

Land: Singapore
Location: Singapore
route name: Marina Bay Street Circuit
difficulty: Very difficult
Curves: 23
Route length: 5.063 km / 3.147 miles
Round record: 1: 41.905
Round record holder: K. Magnussen (2018)

Spain-Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya

Land: Spain
Location: Barcelona
route name: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
difficulty: Middle
Curves: 16
Route length: 4.675 km / 2.904 miles
Round record: 1: 18.14983
Round record holder: M. Verstappen (2021)

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Land: Hungary
Location: Budapest
route name: Hungaroring
difficulty: Difficult
Curves: 14
Route length: 4.381 km / 2.738 miles
Round record: 1: 16,627
Round record holder: L. Hamilton (2020)

USA-Circuit of the Americas

Land: United States
Location: Austin
route name: Circuit of the Americas
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 20
Route length: 5.513 km / 3.425 miles
Round record: 1: 36.169
Round record holder: C. Leclerc (2019)

USA-Circuit of Miami

Land: United States
Location: Florida
route name: Miami International Autodrome
difficulty: Middle
Curves: 19
Route length: 5.412 km / 3.362 miles
Round record: 1: 31.361
Round record holder: M. Verstappen (2022)

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United Arab Emirates-Yas Marina Circuit

Land: United Arab Emirates
Location: Abu Dhabi
route name: Yas Marina Circuit
difficulty: Easy
Curves: 16
Route length: 5.281 km / 3.281 miles
Round record: 1: 26.103
Round record holder: M. Verstappen (2021)

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NBA 2K23: Quickly the official announcement, Devin Booker on the game coat?

The announcement will certainly additionally enable 2K Gamings to specify the assistances on which NBA 2K23 will be launched, yet likewise as well as above all to expose the day on which the really first gameplay trailer will be relayed. The series has actually gotten to such a visual degree of realistic look that too is always an event.


Over the ages, the news of the announcement of a game has actually come to be an essential practice, and also NBA 2K23 does not escape it. If we think the newest rumors, C ‘Est Devin Booker, the celebrity of the Phoenix metro Suns, which should embellish the basic NBA 2K23 jacket.


Web novel and webtoon I only level up alone produced by Japanese animation

Webtoon IP, a webtoon IP, which has recorded 14.2 billion views worldwide, is produced in Japan as an animation in Japan. At the same time, the teaser image and promotional video were also released on the 4th.

Nahon Rep is a web novel written by Chun Gong in 2016 and has gained great popularity with solid storytelling. Since then, Kakao Entertainment’s Noble Comics Project, which is a webtoon of popular webtoons in 2018, has been introduced as a webtoon and accelerated.


This animation is a project that ‘Nahon Leb’ global fans have been eager. Animation production is A-1 Pictures, who hit the name of the Sword Art Online, the Seven Deads, and the name of the flowers that I saw that day, We are not only me '' and April is your lies. ” It will be released in 2023.

Meanwhile, on the 4th, ‘Nahon Level’ anime teaser image and promotional video were also released. The teaser image shows Sung Jin-woo in the animation, and the promotional video includes the signature scene of the webtoon and the introduction of major crews.

Chun Gong, who wrote the original web novel, said, If you told me that this novel would be a cartoon by the time you were hitting some of the introductions of ‘Nahonb’, I would not be funny. But now I am excited about the news that it is an animation following the cartoon. Seong Jin-woo and his friends are waiting for the day they live.

Monster hunter rise

Steam sales chart remained for Steam Deck and Monster Hunter Rise

Where without Steam Deck in the Steam sales chart, but at least the list of the best games finally cleared of Elden Ring.
This week Monster Hunter Rise from Capcom was in greatest demand.
Here is the basic game and the fresh Sunbreak addition, presented, like F1 22, in several editions.
But the red cat in the world of Cyberpan from the Stray PC-Boyar so expected to be the rating did not even get in the light of a quick release.
Cat + Cyberpank = The most coveted game in Steam.
This is about Stray
1. Steam Deck

2. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
3. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
5. DNF Duel
6. F1 22
7. Monster Hunter Rise
8. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands
9. Rust

  1. F1 22

UEFA began Die Campaign Real Scars

With the start of the European Football Championship of females in England, the brand-new respect program of the European Football Union Real Scars also begins. The objective of the campaign is the fight versus Web discrimination: UEFA wishes to illustrate the damaging impacts of on the internet abuse and also discusses how they can protect themselves against footballers as well as authorities.

cooperation with the big social media systems


The European Football Union is supported by countless expert stars. Among others from the Swiss Alisha Lehmann, who runs for Aston Rental property, or European champion Jorgho.

In this program, the UEFA functions very closely with the huge social media systems Twitter, Tikkok or Meta (Facebook and Instagram). The concrete measures of Real Scars need to be utilized for all final rounds in young people, males as well as women’s competitors over the next three years.

docudrama series is planned

During the Female’s Champion, the video clip for the project with all ambassadors should run on the huge video screens every game. A five-part docudrama collection is intended to start in the center of the event. The Outraged series concentrates on protecting against misuse as well as the sharpening of consciousness for the significance of this subject.


The search horror Night Kuses of Soiree will be distributed on July 7th. The mysterious Western -style building of the late Meiji era drawn by GOHOME developers

On July 1st, Matsuju Song, a matsuno doll city, announced on July 1 that it will release Night Curse of Soirée on July 7. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). The sale of the previous work Gohome is also scheduled for the release of Night Curse of Soirée.

Night Curse of Soirée is a 3D horror adventure game that explores the retro-modern Western-style building. The stage of this work is around the end of the Meiji era. The protagonist, Kirima, was in a strange Western-style building when she noticed. She doesn’t know why she was in the Western-style building, but she didn’t know what she was doing or where she had a Western-style building, and she had no clear memory. Aside from her, she decided to leave the Western-style building and headed to the exit. But there, she realizes that she has dropped her precious fold crane somewhere as a charm. As Kiruma Suika explores the Western-style building with her disturbing signs, she faces her past memories, sins, and her present.

The protagonist, Kaya, searches for a folded crane and explores the Western-style building wrapped in silence. There are many rooms in the Western-style building. She searched for a fold crane while searching for the key and confronting something hidden in the Western-style building. In the occasional events, her reminiscence and monologue of her own reminiscence and mystery are revealed. As an element, this work has three endings. In addition, the trailer released today allows you to check new location, such as the scene of walking in a garden and a strange city. In the trial version released in August 2021, it was set indoors, but it seems that it will also explore the outside of the Western-style building.

This work is a virtual city of Matsuto Ichiju, who is also working on music, videos and distribution in addition to games. As a past work, he released his previous work Gohome in 2020. In the same work, a unique world view, such as a mystery approaching with the loud volume of Kushikos Post. In Steam’s user reviews, 83 % of 156 out of 156 were well received at the time of writing, and the status was very popular.

In the Night Curse of Soirée, the release in September of the same year was scheduled for the release of the trial version in August 2021. However, the release is postponed. According to a video released in January 2022, the reason for the postponement is that the outlook and the lack of compromise. At that time, Ichijuzu Song was producing alone, and was aiming to complete it with the minimal quality. But ultimately, he decided to pour his full power to maintain his motivation. It seems that brushing up has been performed, such as the hero’s face is recreated from the trial version. In this work Night Curse of Soirée, I would like to expect the quality improved content in addition to the unique worldview.

Night Curse of Soirée will be released on July 7 for PC (Steam). According to the official website, the price is 2,000 yen. The previous work Gohome will be held 77 % off sale from July 7th to July 7th.

Escape from tarkov

The best equipment in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a tactical military simulator that includes several unique and complex gaming functions, such as equipment setting. Since money and resources are extremely important in this game, the creation of equipment that will help you survive and safely mines resources is crucial. Here are our equipment recommendations that players can use in Escape from Tarkov.

The best escape from Tarkov

the best general download

Weapon: CP-25 7.62 × 51 Marxman Rifle *
* SR-25 20-inch trunk
* Set of muzzle brake QDC 7.62 × 51
* Vortex razor rifle sight
* The top cover of Geissele with a ring
* Backup MPR45
* Reflex inclined sight PK-06
* Tsevye Tactical Zenith RK-2

* Advanced receiver buffer tube

* Rubber back of the carbine moe
* Pistol handle AR-15 Gral-S
* Dbal-sail laser
* SP-25 receiver
* Low-profile gas block CMMG
* Charger handle Kac
* Tsevye R11 RSASS
* Reika m-lok 2.5 inches
Helmet: ALTYN assault helmet with Altyn’s protective mask
Armor: assault armor 6B13 m (Killa’s Armor)
Backpack: backpack 6Sh118 raid with a first-aid kit Field thin LBT-2670
Headset: singer Comte 2

The best economical equipment for low-level players

Weapon: AKM 7.62 × 39 Assault rifle
* Taktita Tula adapter muzzle
* Muzzle brake-compensator Zenit DTK-1
* Tapco saw-style pistol handle
* Store for 30 rounds
* PS line 1 round
* Reflex sight Axion kobra
* Tactical blue laser
* Polymer reserve
* The back of the GP-25
* Bastion dustproof receiver
* Corrugated charging handle
* Gas block 6p1 SB1-2
* Tsevye RS47
* Short front handle Tangodown
Helmet: 6847 End-BSh
Armor: 6b3TM-01M
Backpack: daily set LBT-8005a
Headset: gsh-01 *

* Visit * Escape from Tarkov’s home page on Pro Game Guides to receive additional manuals. In the meantime, read our article that Escape from Tarkov servers do not work? How to check the status of server.

Dragon ball legends

Hydreigon The best set of movements for PVP, Raids – Pokemon GO

Hydreigon)-Pokemon of dragon/dark type, evolution of Zveilus and Dino. Hydreigon has the maximum CP 3625 and boasts strong characteristics of attack, defense and health, which makes it an excellent choice for PVP, PVE and raid battles. Hydraigon can learn several different movements as a dragon and a dark type. Here are the best tricks for battles and raids.

The best fast attack for Hydreigon

Hydraigon can learn two different fast attacks: a bite and breathing in the dragon. Both quick attacks have the same characteristics: 14.4 DPS and 8 EPS. Since a bite is a dark move, it will be more effective against ghosts and psychotypes. If you use Hydreigon for general battles PVP or PVE, BITE is the best move.

The best charged attacking reception for Hydreigon

Hydreigon can learn Dark Pulsh, Flash Cannon, Dragon Pulse, and now, thanks to the Day of the Dino community, he can also learn cruel swings . The best charged attack for Hydreigon is certainly Brutal Swing. If you are lucky enough to catch Deino during the community day and develop it, you will have one of the best dark techniques in Pokémon Go. However, if you have not received this move, it can be available at the later day of the community expected in December.

If you do not have Brutal Swing, the next best reception will be Dragon Pulse. However, the presence of a quick attack of darkness and the loaded attack of the dragon can put you into a disadvantage in battles. Hydreigon can be an excellent Pokemon that you can fight if it has the right movements, so make sure that you have Deino sweets in case you have a chance to develop it to get Brutal Swing.


To find out more than Pokémon Go manuals, read the section Bring a new friend in Pokémon Go, who does not work-how to fix it in games for professionals.


Joop Smith for the second time won the Command Fest Frank Frank Magic: The Gathering

The collectible card game Magic: The Gathering is famous for its large tournaments, where hundreds of participants will play among themselves the right to call the strongest magician. The player Joop Smith became the champion at the Comand Fest Frank Frank in Germany, but the nuance of his victory is that no one has come to the tournament.


It’s all about the rules. There are several formats for holding competitions in this game, one of which is called Brawl. The nuance is that Brawl is very unpopular among Magic lovers: The Gathering due to strange solutions in balance issues.

Thus, Joel won the second time-the first title came to him in 2018, when this discipline was first introduced into official MTG tournaments. Then no one came to the tournament either.